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True Cost Calculator

The True Cost Calculator shows how assessments can affect Citizens and non-Citizens premiums following a catastrophic storm or series of storms.*

Citizens knows cost is an important part of your insurance decisions. That is why we want you to know the true cost of a Citizens policy. Citizens policyholders can be assessed up to 45 percent of their total premium if Citizens needs additional funds to pay claims following a major disaster. Non-Citizens policyholders can be assessed at a much lower (2 percent) rate.

  Citizens Premium Private Carrier Premium
Total Annual Premium
Potential Assessment % 45% 2%
Potential Assessment -- --
True Cost of Coverage -- --

*The True Cost Calculator does not include Citizens Emergency Assessments, which can be levied over a period of multiple years at the same rate for both Citizens and non-Citizens policyholders. The True Cost Calculator also does not include additional mandated charges and assessments, such as the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) and the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA).

True Cost of a Citizens Policy

Learn How Assessments Affect the True Cost of a Citizens Policy

Don't get caught paying more than the Joneses! Because Citizens policyholders are the first and most highly assessed group, the true cost of a Citizens policy can increase dramatically following a major disaster.