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Florida law requires Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) to create programs to help return Citizens policies to the private market and reduce the risk of additional assessments for all Floridians. The Depopulation program accomplishes this goal by working with private-market insurance companies that would like to offer coverage to Citizens policyholders. The programs are subject to the approval of the Office of Insurance Regulation.

Policyholders whose policies are selected by these companies are sent a letter notifying them of the pending assumption and providing instructions on how they can elect (opt out) to remain with Citizens, if eligible and should they wish to do so. Policyholders who do not opt out within the opt out timeframe will receive a Notice of Assumption and Non Renewal and a Certificate of Assumption. They may have an additional timeframe from receipt of this notice to elect to remain with Citizens.

We encourage policyholders who receive private-market offers to consider them carefully and discuss the advantages of such coverage with their agents. Accepting an offer from a private insurer will decrease a Citizens policyholder's potential assessment. For additional information about assessments, policyholders should refer to the Acknowledgement of Potential Surcharge and Assessment Liability notice provided with their renewal or visit our Assessments page.

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Returning Depopulation Verification

Sample Letters

Opt Out Letters and Forms for Current Assumptions

02/23/2016 - Personal Lines Assumption

02/16/2016 - Commercial Assumption

01/19/2016 - Personal Lines Assumption

01/12/2016 - Commercial Assumption

12/22/2015 - Personal Lines Assumption

12/15/2015 - Commercial Assumption

11/24/2015 - Personal Lines Assumption

11/17/2015 - Commercial Assumption