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The Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Mission Review Task Force is created to analyze and compile available data and to develop a report setting forth the statutory and operational changes needed to return Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to its former role as a state- created, noncompetitive residual market mechanism that provides property insurance coverage to risks that are otherwise entitled but unable to obtain such coverage in the private insurance market. The task force shall submit a report to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by January 31, 2009. At a minimum, the task force shall analyze and evaluate relevant and applicable information and data and develop recommendations concerning:

(a) The nature of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation's role in providing property insurance coverage only if such coverage is not available from private insurers.

(b) The ability of the admitted market to offer policies to those consumers formerly insured through Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. This consideration shall include, but not be limited to, the availability of private market reinsurance and coverage through the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund and the capacity of the industry to offer policies to former Citizens Property Insurance Corporation policyholders within existing writing ratio limitations.

(c) The relationship of rates charged by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to rates charged by private insurers, with due consideration for the corporation's role as a noncompetitive residual market mechanism.

(d) The relationships between the exposure of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to catastrophic hurricane losses, the corporation's history of purchasing any reinsurance coverage, and the corporation's capital capacity to meet its potential claim obligations without incurring large deficits.

(e) The projected assessments on all policies required to offset the lack of capitol to pay claims.

(f) The projections under paragraph (e) shall be specific to losses of $3 billion, $12 billion, and $23 billion caused by a storm or a group of storms in any given year.

(g) The operational implications of the variation in the number of policies in force over time in Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and the merits of outsourcing some or all of its operational responsibilities.

(h) Changes in the mission and operations of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to reduce or eliminate any adverse effect such mission and operations may be having on the promotion of sound and economic growth and development of the coastal areas of this state.

(i) Appropriate and consistent geographic boundaries of the high-risk account.

(j) The rankings, by county, of the average approved rates in Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and any savings associated with policyholder choice in selecting Citizens.