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Q: I registered as a vendor online. What else can I do to become a preferred vendor with Citizens? A: Citizens does not have a preferred vendor list. All registered vendors are notified if a solicitation is generated that matches the goods and/or services they provide. Q: Where can I check to see if there are any bids currently open? A: Visit Citizens' website at www.citizensfla.com and select the About Us section. Select the Purchasing link. Under the Solicitations tab, you will find all open, under-review and recently closed solicitations. Q: I registered online, but I haven't heard anything from Citizens. When can I expect to be contacted? A: You will be contacted if a competitive solicitation or bid opportunity is generated that matches the goods and/or services your company provides. Q: How do I update my company's vendor registration information? A: Send the changes via e-mail to Purchasing@citizensfla.com. You will be notified by e-mail when the changes are made. Q: Our firm is interested in providing goods and/or services to Citizens. Where do I send information about my firm? A: Simply register using our online Vendor Registration system and specify the goods and/or services you provide. You also may e-mail your company literature to Purchasing@citizensfla.com. We will contact you if we require additional information.