Property Insurance

Property Insurance Clearinghouse

Participating Insurance Companies
The clearinghouse currently includes 14 participating companies. Additional companies will be added over time, based on several criteria, including readiness, technological infrastructure and resource availability.

All participating companies currently are offering only their voluntary products through the clearinghouse.

Coming in 2016*
* Pending confirmation
** Also participating in the Property Insurance Clearinghouse renewals program. Additional companies will be added over time.
The Property Insurance Clearinghouse is an innovative program that helps our agents find private-market insurance coverage for consumers who believe Citizens might be their only insurance option. (Watch a short video of the clearinghouse in action.)

Authorized by the 2013 Florida Legislature, the clearinghouse can help you better serve your customers by giving you access to an expanded network of private-market insurance companies writing business in Florida.

The Property Insurance Clearinghouse helps you better serve your customers by giving you the ability to:

  • Provide your customers with access to more personalized and comprehensive coverage options than are available through Citizens
  • Provide side-by-side comparisons of multiple private-market offers that may cost less than comparable coverage from Citizens
  • Give customers who receive private-market offers through the clearinghouse the opportunity to reduce their assessment risks in comparison to Citizens policyholders
  • Develop connections with participating private-market companies, either through full appointments or, for agents unable to accept full appointments, Limited Servicing Agreements that will allow you to do business with companies outside of your regular network, through the Property Insurance Clearinghouse

The Property Insurance Clearinghouse currently is available only for the following new and renewal Citizens policy types:
  • Multiperil homeowners (HO-3)
  • Multiperil condominium unit owners (HO-6)
  • Dwelling Property 1 and 3 (DP-1 and DP-3). Excludes DP-1 and DP-3 tenant contents and condominium-unit policies.

Additional policy types will be added over time.

Building Agent/Company Partnerships
Agent/company partnerships are vital to the clearinghouse's success as only Citizens-appointed agents can request policy quotes through the clearinghouse. Participating companies may contact you directly to offer either full appointments or Limited Servicing Agreements (LSAs).

LSAs allow agents to pursue and service offers of coverage made through the clearinghouse. Companies must negotiate appointments and LSAs with agents directly. Participating companies are negotiating directly with companies that have exclusive agents to work out agreements to allow exclusive agents to do business with them through the clearinghouse. Exclusive agents should contact their parent companies directly to if they have questions about their ability to accept LSAs from participating companies.

We encourage our agents to consider these offers seriously, as failure to accept either full appointments or LSAs with participating companies severely limits your ability to write business through the clearinghouse and with Citizens. If a consumer receives a private-market offer through the clearinghouse that renders them ineligible for Citizens coverage and you have not accepted an appointment or LSA from the insurer extending the disqualifying offer, you will be unable to write Citizens coverage for the consumer.

Additional information about the Property Insurance Clearinghouse: