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Policy Discounts

Citizens offers discounts on policy premiums for building construction techniques and features that provide greater protection for your home or business.

Wind mitigation discounts are offered for features that protect your home or business from wind damage caused by major storms. These discounts:
  • Apply only to the wind portion of your policy premium
  • Are not offered for mobile homes

Your home or business also may qualify for premium discounts for:
  • Compliance with the 2001 (or later) Florida Building Code
  • Impact-resistant windows and doors
  • Storm shutters
  • Centrally monitored fire alarms (with or without sprinklers)
  • Centrally monitored burglar alarm systems

Protect Your Home and Save Money
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Proteja Su Hogar y Ahorre Dinero

Your agent is your best source of information about your specific policy, coverage, premiums and qualifying discounts. If your agent is unavailable or you have questions after speaking with your agent, call Citizens at 1.888.685.1555.