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Participating Insurance Companies
The clearinghouse currently includes 14 participating companies. Additional companies will be added over time.

Coming in 2016*
* Pending confirmation
** Also participating in the Property Insurance Clearinghouse renewals program. Additional companies will be added over time.
The Property Insurance Clearinghouse is an innovative program that identifies private-market insurance options for consumers who believe Citizens might be their only choice for property insurance.

The clearinghouse will provide homeowners with greater access to Florida's increasingly expanding insurance market, reducing the number of homeowners with no option other than Citizens for their property insurance needs.

Why Is this Good for Florida Homeowners?
  • Citizens policyholders often have more restrictive coverage and fewer options than those insured by private companies.
  • Citizens policyholders can be required to pay much higher assessments if a major storm leaves Citizens unable to pay claims.
  • Buying a policy from Citizens when comparable private-market coverage is available increases Citizens' potential claims exposure, as well as the assessment risk for all Floridians. In addition to property insurance policies, these assessments also are levied on specialty policies such as auto, boat and pet insurance.

Authorized by the 2013 Florida Legislature, the Property Insurance Clearinghouse provides the following benefits:
  • Homeowners have expanded access to private-market companies that may offer more personalized and comprehensive coverage options than are available through Citizens.
  • Homeowners who find coverage in the private market face a much lower assessment risk than Citizens policyholders.
  • All Floridians benefit from Citizens' significantly decreased exposure and reduced assessment risk.

Additional information about the Property Insurance Clearinghouse:
The Property Insurance Clearinghouse currently is available only for the following new and renewal Citizens policy types:
  • Multiperil homeowners (HO-3)
  • Multiperil condominium unit owners (HO-6)
  • Dwelling Property 1 and 3 (DP-1 and DP-3). Excludes DP-1 and DP-3 tenant contents and condominium-unit policies.

Additional policy types will be added over time.