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What is Insurance Fraud?

Anyone who intentionally deceives an insurance company through an insurance claim or other insurance transaction, in order to receive money or other benefits to which the person isn't entitled, is committing insurance fraud. Insurance fraud includes making any written or oral statement as part of a claim or application when the person knows the statement omits or conceals or contains false, incomplete or misleading material information.

The most common types of property insurance fraud involve:

  • Deceptive information, provided as part of a claim, about the cause of loss, date of loss or location of property
  • Knowingly inflating the value of damaged property on an otherwise legitimate claim
  • Intentionally damaging property to make a claim
  • Staging a burglary or theft and then falsely reporting a claim for stolen or damaged property
  • Asking a vendor to inflate a repair estimate or invoice by the amount of the deductible or more
  • Falsely creating a repair bill or receipt in support of a claim
  • Concealing the use or misstating the value of a residence to an insurance agent to reduce an insurance premium
  • Submitting false information to or permitting false information to be submitted by an inspector, to obtain a wind mitigation premium credit