Preparing for
Your Inspection
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Preparing for Your Inspection

Your safety is our first priority. If you or any authorized persons (i.e., police, fire or government agency) believe that the inspection location is unsafe, please allow our trained adjusters to inspect and assess the damage to your home.

Document the damage with photos
  • To prevent further damage, you may need to make temporary repairs to your home.
  • Before you make any changes or remove any damaged contents from your home, you should take photos. Your adjuster will need these photos to document your claim properly.
Prevent further damage
  • If safety and common sense allows, try to prevent further property damage by making temporary repairs wherever possible.
  • If necessary, remove wet carpet from your home to prevent mold. Make sure to provide at least a 2'x 2' sample of the carpet and pad to your claim adjuster.
  • Your claim adjuster will estimate the damage to your house, but sometimes it's necessary to have an engineer or repair-experienced contractor also inspect for damage. Feel free to obtain your own contractor's estimate.
Keep your receipts
  • Request and copy original receipts for all purchases or services needed to make temporary or emergency repairs.
  • Save receipts for your additional living expenses.
  • Save the copies for your personal records and give the original receipts to your adjuster.