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Hurricane/Tropical Storm Binding Suspension Rule

No application for new coverage or endorsement for increased coverage may be bound, written or issued, or monies received, regardless of effective date, when a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch or Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for any part of the State of Florida.
PR-M Homeowners General Rules


Tropical Storm Arthur
Begin: 06/30/2014 11:00 p.m.
End: 07/02/2014 11:00 a.m.


Tropical Storm Karen
Begin: 10/03/2013 9:00 a.m.
End: 10/05/2013 5:00 p.m.

Tropical Storm Andrea
Begin: 06/05/2013 6:00 p.m. ET
End: 06/07/2013 5:00 a.m. ET


Tropical Storm Sandy
Begin: 10/24/2012 5:18 a.m.
End: 10/27/2012 11:00 a.m.

Hurricane Isaac
Begin: 08/24/2012 5:00 p.m.
End: 08/29/2012 10:42 a.m.

Tropical Storm Debby
Begin: 06/24/2012 8:00 a.m. ET
End: 06/26/2012 8:00 p.m. ET

Tropical Storm Beryl
Begin: 05/25/2012 11:00 p.m. ET
End: 05/28/2012 10:47 a.m. ET

Binding Suspension Archive
Note: 2002 was the last year reinspection was required.